Ambassador For a Day

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 5.10.22 PMIt’s almost October and hockey is back! Still only preseason, but we’re so close. I’ve been very excited about this season in particular—not only because I desperately need the most recent memories of the Sharks to be washed away forever, but also because I’m back in San Jose and I can actually watch games live and on TV at normal times.

Plenty of Sharks fans, including myself, were welcomed back to SAP Center with open arms Saturday with the first-ever Sharks Fan Fest and an evening game against the Ducks. Though the first preseason game at The Tank was Friday night, this felt like the true kickoff to the season.

I had been looking forward to Fan Fest since the Sharks announced the festivities a few months ago and snagged tickets the day they went live. Then, on Friday night, the Sharks tweeted that they needed somebody to be their “fan ambassador” for the following day, meaning they needed someone to tweet his or her experience throughout the Fan Fest. Being that I love social media and Twitter probably just as much as I love hockey, I jumped at the opportunity and I was selected! So if you follow me on any avenue of social media, you heard a lot from me this weekend. Continue reading


Sharks Grant a Wish

It’s no secret that I love hockey and the San Jose Sharks. Aside from being my home team and my favorite team, I’ve always felt like the organization is comprised of really great, stand-up people.

My feelings were fully legitimized yesterday, as the Sharks signed 18-year-old Sam Tageson to a one-day contract, granting his lifelong wish to be a member of the team. Sam has been dealing with a serious heart condition that could be life-threatening. It’s always been his dream to play hockey with the Sharks, and yesterday he got that opportunity with the help of the Sharks Foundation and Make-A-Wish.

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