Insert Cheesy Title About Life Happening While You Make Other Plans

Life is so weird, isn’t it?

I’ve been especially introspective this past week because it’s been one whole year since I graduated from college*. At the time, I thought I’d move back to California, give myself about a week or two to settle in and get some job applications out, and then BOOM—land a great job immediately. That’s it, I’d be set, piece of cake. No stress or rejection, no uncertainties. Boy oh boy, was I wrong.

* Where has my youth gone?!!?!

I don’t really know what gave me such a sense of entitlement. Sure, I have an overactive imagination and sure, I can be too optimistic at times, but I was honestly shocked when I wasn’t hearing back from all of these companies that I had submitted myself to. That shock very quickly turned into anxiety, followed by a dangerous cocktail of anger and defeat. Then I just thought that nobody would ever hire me and I’d be living at home forever with student debt up to my eyeballs. And then I turned a corner and got lazy. (I was honestly such a nightmare to deal with and I think I had my whole family wishing I would go back to Chicago.)

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