Insert Cheesy Title About Life Happening While You Make Other Plans

Life is so weird, isn’t it?

I’ve been especially introspective this past week because it’s been one whole year since I graduated from college*. At the time, I thought I’d move back to California, give myself about a week or two to settle in and get some job applications out, and then BOOM—land a great job immediately. That’s it, I’d be set, piece of cake. No stress or rejection, no uncertainties. Boy oh boy, was I wrong.

* Where has my youth gone?!!?!

I don’t really know what gave me such a sense of entitlement. Sure, I have an overactive imagination and sure, I can be too optimistic at times, but I was honestly shocked when I wasn’t hearing back from all of these companies that I had submitted myself to. That shock very quickly turned into anxiety, followed by a dangerous cocktail of anger and defeat. Then I just thought that nobody would ever hire me and I’d be living at home forever with student debt up to my eyeballs. And then I turned a corner and got lazy. (I was honestly such a nightmare to deal with and I think I had my whole family wishing I would go back to Chicago.)

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A new Instagram account has been brought to my attention called “You Did Not Eat That,” in which an anonymous person who has worked in fashion and media for 10 years reposts photos from fashion bloggers and women on Instagram that involve food. They could be pictures of the woman “pretending to eat” a cupcake, posing with macaroons, or just pictures of food on a plate, uneaten. This anonymous blogger captions each of them, “#youdidnoteatthat” accompanied by some other snarky remark, usually about the woman’s body. One caption reads, “Nothing says ‘box of cookies’ like a 6 inch thigh gap. Apparently when she’s not taking pictures of her legs @rosielondoner isn’t eating cookies and Starbucks.”

In an interview she recently did with New York Magazine’s The Cut, this blogger claims that she is not thin-shaming. It definitely reads as thin-shaming to me, and I find the whole concept to be childish and rude.  It brings up a much bigger issue for me, something that has bothered me for a long time. I’ve always been afraid to say anything about it because I know it will come with a lot of jeers and criticism, but I don’t care at this point because I’m so riled up.

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Bye, Buzz-o

Today the world lost the best dog it has ever seen. The standard “loyal companion” does not even scratch the surface of what Buzz meant to me, my dad, my family, and everyone who loved him. Sure I’m biased, but Buzzy was the best behaved, most intelligent dog I have ever come into contact with in my life, and I was so lucky to call him mine. He had the sweetest disposition. My heart is broken knowing that he’s gone from our lives, but I’m happy he’s moved on to a new puppy adventure.

Buzzy at the Stomping Grounds

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What Do You Call a Journalist Who Doesn’t Write?

Me, apparently.

I realize that this is an issue. I’m a journalism student at DePaul University and I love to write, but this is my first blog post ever. Blogging is such a great tool for aspiring journalists and anybody who wants to get his or her voice out in the world, so why haven’t I been taking advantage of it? I have a very distinct voice, and I have so many varied interests, but I don’t write on a consistent basis unless required to for school. It’s 2014, I need to get with the times and create a blog.

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