No Nip Slips, A Lot of Shade, and Blue: The 2014 MTV VMAs

Fewer things get me more excited than award shows. To think about so much star power in one room coming together to celebrate great accomplishments and party their heads off makes my heart race. So one can imagine that with the VMAs last night and the Emmys tonight, it’s a big 48 hours for my blood pressure and me.

Granted, the VMAs aren’t really on the same level as the Emmys, Golden Globes, Oscars and the like, but something good happens every year. At the very least, the outfits don’t disappoint.

Last night’s show was a little lackluster, though. Bey slayed, duh. Taylor Swift danced like a fool, duh. JLo looked better than all of the 20-something stars, duh. Here’s my recap of the best and worst moments of the night anyway, just for good measure.


Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe malfunction

Considering this happened during the very first performance of the night, I was ready for an eventful show; I thought things were just getting started. I’m also always eager for a new wardrobe mishap to take the scrutiny away from Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson’s infamous Superbowl slip. It wasn’t that big of a deal, though. After Nicki performed a bit of “Anaconda” (which I’m currently digging on big time), she ran backstage for a quick change so she could hop back on for her part of “Bang Bang” (also digging), but, as she told The Hollywood Reporter after the show, that quick change wasn’t as quick as planned. Anyone who ever did any middle school musicals (me) knows that quick changes never go as planned. She handled it well, holding her dress together in the front and covering all necessaries. I’m a little bummed because she probably would have had some very large gesticulations during her rap, but this was probably the most exciting thing that happened all night. Related: Nicki’s “Anaconda” performance has produced some really perfect GIFs.

courtesy of realitytvgifs

courtesy of realitytvgifs

Sam Smith, unsurprisingly

After having listened to nothing but five radio stations for the last month, I was sadly getting kind of sick of Sam Smith. Not really him, but “Stay With Me” and “Latch.” I love both songs, but boy are they overplayed. Watching Smith perform live brought me back. I now remember falling in love with him in the first place. His vocals slay, and, like Queen Adele, he doesn’t need any frills to stop a show; an all-black outfit, a mic stand, his pianist and his talent are more than enough. He also seems to be the most loved man in the music biz right now, seeing as how everyone who walked by him reached out to shake his hand. He seems to have maintained his humility through all of this insane success he’s been having, which is refreshing.

Shade served up on a platter

The thing that differentiates the VMAs from the Emmys, Golden Globes, etc., is that there’s a lack of…well, couth at the VMAs. There’s a lot of beef within the pop music community, so it’s not surprising that there was a lot of shade thrown last night. Allegedly, Miley Cyrus called Ed Sheeran an asshole as he walked past her to accept his award, Gwen Stefani hardly made the effort to clap for Taylor Swift after her performance (me either, Gwen), and after Jay Pharoah announced that Fifth Harmony won the award for Artist to Watch, Katy Perry was caught on camera saying, “Who are they…?” I suppose Katy could have been genuinely unaware, but she had to know that cameras were watching her and by now, we’ve all become lip readers.


Not only did Common look mighty fine, but he also took the time to acknowledge Mike Brown and Ferguson, asking for a moment of silence to honor the slain teenager. It was a classy move, and I think everyone would have been shocked if Ferguson did not come up at some point during the evening.


I don’t need to say anything, but DWAM, girlfriend really knocked it out of the park. Her outfit was YES, her hair was on point as always, she danced her ass off and sang her heart out. If you haven’t seen it, it’s really the only thing you absolutely must watch from the show. I can’t get the video to embed for the life of me, so watch it here. I felt like I got to see the best parts of her summer concert, which I really appreciate as a broke college graduate who couldn’t afford to actually go to the concert. But dare I say it, Blue Ivy maybe stole the show?


Ariana Grande’s performance

Let me begin by saying that “Break Free” IS MY DAMN JAM. I blast it in the car daily, turning the volume up loud enough to sufficiently muffle my cracking voice (those notes are really something else). Knowing that, it’s not a surprise that I was very excited for that song, and Grande, to open the show. Unfortunately, I was less than impressed. It seemed as though there were sound issues within The Forum? Or just the broadcast? I’ll never know, I suppose. But I was pretty bummed that the live performance wasn’t nearly as good as what my four year old car sound system delivers daily.

The Robin Williams tribute

It was a classy move, yes. But was it? It felt like the photo montage was just slapped together five minutes before the show and randomly thrown in right before a commercial break. I can understand and appreciate the sentiments behind it, as Williams was a huge personality in the entire entertainment world, but I don’t think any viewer would have thought twice if the MTV Video Music Awards didn’t pay specific tribute to him. Now that we know Billy Crystal is doing a special tribute to him during the Emmys tonight, the VMAs’ probably wasn’t necessary.

Taylor Swift’s outfit and performance

I just can’t stand her.

How old I feel…

Who on earth are most of these people? What is 5SOS? When did I get so uncool and unhip? I never thought I’d be one of those people who sits in front of the TV complaining about not knowing these things (and certainly not at the ripe age of 22) but WOW, I’m in the dark with this age demo.


Tonight is my bread and butter, though. I’m all about the Emmys and I can’t wait for the stars and the fashion and the awards. Will you be watching? Who are you rooting for?


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