A new Instagram account has been brought to my attention called “You Did Not Eat That,” in which an anonymous person who has worked in fashion and media for 10 years reposts photos from fashion bloggers and women on Instagram that involve food. They could be pictures of the woman “pretending to eat” a cupcake, posing with macaroons, or just pictures of food on a plate, uneaten. This anonymous blogger captions each of them, “#youdidnoteatthat” accompanied by some other snarky remark, usually about the woman’s body. One caption reads, “Nothing says ‘box of cookies’ like a 6 inch thigh gap. Apparently when she’s not taking pictures of her legs @rosielondoner isn’t eating cookies and Starbucks.”

In an interview she recently did with New York Magazine’s The Cut, this blogger claims that she is not thin-shaming. It definitely reads as thin-shaming to me, and I find the whole concept to be childish and rude.  It brings up a much bigger issue for me, something that has bothered me for a long time. I’ve always been afraid to say anything about it because I know it will come with a lot of jeers and criticism, but I don’t care at this point because I’m so riled up.

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Me & The Goat

Last week was not a great one for me. It was kind of a series of unfortunate events, I wasn’t feeling like myself at all, I worked a ton; it just wasn’t a good one for me. Whenever I feel myself in the middle of a crappy week like that (thankfully they don’t happen often), I vow to carry out the rest of the bad week in bad form and then leave it behind. Let the past be the past, no need to rehash it or let it linger. Move on.

So that’s what I did on Monday. It was a new day, a new week, a holiday even! Last week, I had sort of stumbled upon a reservation at Girl & the Goat at a normal dinner hour (anything between 6 & 8 PM is usually pretty impossible) for Monday, and I snagged it up without even thinking twice. So I gave myself something to look forward to and it was the perfect way to wash out last week.

*I tried my hardest to make this post sound nothing like a Yelp review because I detest Yelp, buuuut it kind of came out like a Yelp review. Ugh. This is the first food post I’m doing, though, so practice makes perfect(ly not like Yelp reviews).

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