I Need This

I’m posting this now because I have a real blog post coming soon and I don’t want that to get buried because of this.

But it would be wildly remiss of me to not post this at all, because it is perfect and I need it.

I have a really weird love of Channing Tatum, but I’m clearly not the only one because this shirt is real and can be purchased in a legitimate marketplace. So thank you, weird girls of Tumblr and the interwebs, for making it possible for me to buy a shirt full of shirtless Channing Tatums.

Courtesy of shop.nylongmag.com

Courtesy of shop.nylongmag.com

But just in case anyone is wondering, I haven’t actually bought it yet and I’m a size small. Happy to send along my shipping address if you want to buy it for me. Thank you in advance.

Also, what do you think the chances are that Channing Tatum has Google Alerts set up for himself and somehow this pops up on his phone. If so, hey Chan. Loved your backside in Magic Mike.

My parents are going to love this one…


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